About modification

September 1939 mod reunites the former founding-fathers of the original Operation Flashpoint modification (MarekModel & Jaksa), bringing some "fresh blood" on board (Topas, Abs, Lecholas and recently Vilas). Goal of ours is to recreate the weaponry, gear and armament of the Polish Army, as well as the opposing sides as truly to the historical facts as possible, including a believable 1930's environment, depicting Poland contemporary to the events.



Date Description
6.05.2006 MarekModel and Jaksa started project September 1939 and gathering around tallented pepole
1.09.2006 First publication of September 1939 Mod demo for Operation Flashpoint game
3.01.2013 First fully historical (realtistic) reconstruction Battle of Staszow and Lisow from series The biggest armored battles WW2 - Extrication of Poland 1944-45 based on ArmA engine capabilities in Iron Front modification.
16.03.2013 First publication of September 1939 Mod (Infantry) for ArmA II
31.05.2013 Battle of Monte Cassino (using Invasion 1944 Mod) reconstruction.
Idea to create a proffesional reconstruction group based on proffessional content September 1939 Mod.
10.07.2013 Develop a plan to reconstruct all the biggest battles Defense Campaign 1939 year and proffesional group of reconstruction based on ArmA capabilities and her VR engine used in proffesional simulation in many world armies to training real soldiers and planning operation and logistic warfare.
22.07.2013 Recrutation fans of history to planned separated from Veterani a specialistic group (consultants and reconstructors from real reconstruction groups) and the beginning of work on the collection of material) to Westerplatte Defense, Poland Post, Battle of Mokra and counteroffensive over Bzura.

Arise idea to create EGRH for the commemoration of the names of heroes and places of glory and plan to reach the largest possible number of young fans of history and their education in the spirit of patriotism based on the most attractive currently available form (games and computer simulators) available over Internet.

1.09.2013 In the 74 anniversary of the outbreak of World War II in Poland took place first fashion presentation in September 1939 applied in the realistic reconstruction involving history fans groups Veterani, 6PDP, ACPL, COSA, ESF, PSCT and NN.
12.09.2013 Arma 3 premiere — the problem with incompatibility of content arrived.
5.12.2013 Letter of intention after a legal consulting SaSTroop to Topas handed over in the Veterani name by our member Wlocz99 concerning aid and the possibility of providing our support for the planned project EGRH.
20.09.2014 Establish cooperation with the Polish "guru" from WW2 fortifications (Robert Jurga) concering on the elements of the planned reconstruction...

Advert about the end of the work and the decision to transfer Veterani group of enthusiasts of the history of exclusivity for use in presentations content from September 1939 mod and possibly for further development.

Due to family and work obligations it has been shelved by me over a year and a half ago... In the meantime I have transfered the rights to manage this site and develop the contnet further to a group of enthusiasts, who will luckily bring it all forward. As far as my knowledge goes all is being polished and organised from the ground up, towards a stable build. Hopefuly the new owners of the mod will post news, I myself do not follow this at all for quite a time now.

8.02.2014 The transfer of an official Topas license for the historical work of the newly created group reconstruction Veterani-EGRH.
22.03.2014 Invitation to cooperation and support from Lecholas.
02.04.2014 EGRH registraion based on shared on the full unpublished content of mod. Start of work a reconstruction plan all battles Defence Campaign 1939 years and the beginning of establishing cooperation with reconstructive groups in the real world. Notification of the leading reconstruction portals.
12.05.2014 Reconstruction premiere — Battle of Mokra
13.05.2014 Reconstruction premiere — Counteroffensive of Bzura
17.05.2014 Reconstruction premiere — Battle of Kock
Activity EGRH premiere and recontruction based on September 1939 mod content in Warsaw IPN.
29.05.2014 Reconstruction premiere — Westerplatte Defense
19.08.2015 Reconstruction premiere — Poland Post Defense
19.07.2016 The decision to start preparations for porting content after Topas motivation:

Great, so what is imagined starting ... a lot of perseverance, time and determination in the work I wish.

Jarosław Korczyński, Topas
07.01.2017 EGRH gains head of modders (NightInthruder). It begins with the formation of professional September 1939 Dev Team and planning activities and training young group of modders.
30.01.2017 First information about plans and contact with main Core Developer — Marek Musiał (MarekModel) to consult main licence, work plans and to introduce to accept Arma 3 Dev Team.
08.02.2017 Letter of intention for re-establishing cooperation with Lecholas (historical chief from dedicated maps for September 1939 Mod)
21.02.2017 According to the Topas will and records of licenses for Veterani — establish close co-operation with the Czech CSA 38-45 Petrltach group and establish a common direction of development of all content. Obtaining a license to work together. Establishing cooperation with a IFA3 group in order to ensure full compatibility of all WW2 content with reconstruction in the future.
09.03.2017 Registration www.september39.pl domain and work over official website
14.03.2017 Determinig of priorities and tasks assigning.
04—06.2017 Development team training by NightIntruder.
04—06.2017 Collecting materials and historical elaborations for further work.
1.09.2017 CSA38 and Sepetmber '39 promotion - WW2 Museum, Westerplatte Museum, YouTube promotion videos.
10.2017 Pause in the works due to deepening of health problems with headleader.
2.04.2018 The first September 1939 mod release by PetrTlach.
7.04.2018 The resumption of the work by EGRH and September '39.
8.04.2018 Beginning of creating 1st dedicated "Border Defense" Mission Pack.